AM/PM Equipment & Excavating
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About AM/PM Equipment & Excavating

Starting any new business relationship can be daunting.  We embrace the philosophy that your success is our success.  By caring for our clients we are not only doing business, but building a mutually beneficial working relationship.

As a family run business, we try to treat our clients like our family. It is important to us that we deliver on our commitments, even if this means that we perform research on our own time.  

We believe that we are representatives of our clients.  It is imperative that our equipment and operators reflect the professionalism of our clients.  We strive to keep our equipment clean, safe and in good repair. Our staff strives to be friendly, knowledgeable and respectful. 

Our strength lies in our problem solving abilities.  We love challenges and strive to find ways to overcome them. 

We are constantly striving to deliver great value and service to our existing clients. We welcome the opportunity to show new clients the benefits of becoming part of the AM/PM Equipment & Excavating family. 

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