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Railroad Services

AM/PM Equipment & Excavating also offers Railroad Consulting and Training Services. Our 35 years of railroad management provides expertise on all engineering aspects of railroading.  In addition, we utilize this experience to provide consultations on integrating equipment and trucking services with railroads to provide expertise on trans-loading services.

We offer general railroad consulting.  We specialize in the following aspects:
  • Track Inspection 
  • Track Evaluations 
  • Track Restoration Consultations
  • Training for Railroad Maintenance for Managers, Foremen and Employees
  • Training for Railroad Construction for Managers, Foremen and Employees
  • Training for Railroad Construction Project Management

More about Paul's Professional Experience
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Professional Associations and Awards
  • AREMA - Member since 1984. Held various positions and made multiple presentations at the national level.
  • In 2010, appointed to AREMA Vice-Chairman for the sub-group on Track Maintenance.
  • In 2011, appointed a member of the AREMA Board of Directors.
  • Co-Recipient of the W.W. Hay Award awarded to Union Pacific Railroad for  work on the 2008 Frazier Slide.
  • Received recognition and awards on numerous times for outstanding safety numbers in 34 year career with Union Pacific Railroad.

Special Projects

Frazier Slide
In January of 2008, I was dispatched to lead the recovery effort from a massive mud slide the mainline between Portland, OR and Sacramento, CA in an inaccessible location in the Cascade Mountains. The track was out of service for 77 days. Our recovery effort required the removal of timber, debris and earthen material. Once cleared, the road bed need to be completely rebuilt and the grade reestablished in order to restore the track and train service.

Caliente Canyon

In January 2005, I was assigned to oversea the recovery of the Caliente Canyon rail line in Central Nevada. The line is located in a canyon that is extremely susceptible to flooding events. Over my career I have had extensive experience on this stretch of track. During this event, the line was washed out and closed down for 22 days over a 100 mile range. In order to reopen the line, long sections of track and access roads had to be rebuilt and new bridges needed to be installed. This project was particularly challenging due to the environmental requirements and storm water permits set forth by the EPA. It took about 18 months to complete the work required by the EPA for mitigation. The project continues to be monitored in accordance with re-vegetation and stream restoration.

Great Salt Lake Causeway

From 1998 to 2012 I was responsible for overseeing the maintenance and coordination of contractors as needed for the issues associated with the Great Salt Lake Causeway. As part of this project, I implemented a beaching project to help maintain the eroding track structure which is continually sinking. In an effort to be successful, processes including quarrying and installation of rip-rap and various rock products had to be developed to be effective with limited access to the track. Since these processes have been in place Union Pacific Railroad has been able to efficiently utilize the line and run trains at maximum speed.

Mexican Federal Railroad

Between 1993 and 1995 Union Pacific placed me in a consulting position with the FNM Railway in Mexico. As part of this project I helped the railroad develop maintenance programs, projects and performed rail line evaluations.

Railroad Product Development

Concrete Crossings

In 1986, I led a group of three individuals that designed and developed a concrete crossing with the intent of reducing crossing maintenance and improving automobile ride ability. The design has since become the standard for all Union Pacific concrete crossing and is used extensively in other railroads across the country.

Panel Boss (

While overseeing a derailment, I came up with the idea of the Panel Boss for the purpose of placing rail panels while on derailments. I worked with another individual on the design and the turned the idea over to a metal company for fabrication and patenting. It is estimated that with the Panel Boss crews can recover from derailments in half the time.

Rail Restraint Device

We had a major development that took out of 10 miles of concrete tie towers. Because of the nature of concrete ties, recovery is extremely time consuming. While on this derailment I conceptualized and later built a prototype that would secure the rail in place to maintain proper gauge and prevent rail rollover while replacing concrete ties. The device provides a temporary solution to keep rail in service until the damaged towers can be replaced.

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